Scooter's Farm of Woodmont

The only organic pick-your-own apple orchard in southern New Hampshire.

Scooter's Farm of Woodmont is a family-owned and operated pick-your-own apple farm located in Hollis, New Hampshire. 

Welcome to the only organic pick-your-own apple orchard in southern New Hampshire!  Our fruit is all naturally grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.  We use natural insect deterrents like organic clay, pheromone mating disruptions, and beneficial nematodes.  Our fertilizer program consists of inputs such as fish oil and seaweed.  Weed control is from natural sprays and mechanical methods, which means no herbicides like Roundup, Glyphosate, or 2,4-D are being used.

Please note that Scooter's Farm is not "Certified Organic".  The scale of our operation alleviates the requirement to be certified by the USDA.  We do comply with the requirements regarding "Certified Organic" as we will most likely pursue this certification in the future.